RBS Consultancy Service
Minerals, Properties, Hospitality & Tourism
EPLs, Property development and Hospitality and Tourism: Tourism related consultancy and investments activities range from direct investment in the areas such as resorts and lodge development, car rentals and as cultural tours / operators.

Other activities include the provision of environmental consultancy services to the tourism industry within the framework of our specialisation particularly the undertaking of environmental assessments covering scoping, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Management Plan (EMP).

The property portfolio is the financial engine and security of all our ongoing minerals exploration activities as well as other high risk project investments. Our services range from site investigation, design, actual infrastructure construction and management. Our residential support services always aim at creating top end but sometimes affordable modern and sustainable urban living environment.

By harnessing the design, technology, natural surrounding environment and landscape development, we always aim at delivering an advance sustainable living environment in each of our projects. Our support to housing development covers a variety of designs. Greater day lighting, high sunlit atrium entrances, lobbies with full and semi automation that could results in energy saving of up to 30% are utilised in the commercial and to some extent residential designs and developments.

Water recycling and intelligent water management that ensures good w0ater backup systems are often provided. Flexibility and adaptability that allow growth in terms of space, energy usage, water security and parking are core to the entire developments support. Add to the eco positive landscapes, terrace, canals, water features, and surrounding gardens provide a unique working environment.

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