RBS Consultancy Service
Onshore & Offshore
Minerals Exploration, Feasibility & Mining
The RBS offshore and onshore minerals exploration and mining portfolio cover a diverse array of technical knowledge-based permitting for ECC, water borehole drilling, minerals exploration drilling, test mining, access and exploration de-risking activities.

Our services include the following:

  • Review and collect all the existing local and regional geological, geophysical and environmental data sets about the proposed exploration area in order to understand the potential or likely mineral targets;
  • Purchased and processed existing Government regional aerial geophysical data sets (magnetics and radiometric)
  • Undertake remote sensing (satellite data interpretation) and aerial photographic interpretation in order to delineate geological structures and possible depositional environmental for all the commodities targeted;
  • Prepare regional / local preliminary geological maps based on existing data sets covering all the commodities targeted for use in the field mapping
  • Test the proposed mineral dispositional model at regional and local levels
  • Digitise all data sets and preparation of quarterly and scoping / annual exploration report for the first year with recommendations for the second-year exploration programme.
  • Scoping studies are often followed by detailed exploration programme covering prefeasibility and feasibility studies.
  • The detailed exploration programme will take many more years and forms based on the findings and targets delineated during the scoping phase with respect to specific mineral commodity groups. Techniques that are often used includes but not limited to the following:
  • Prospector walking through the bush with a geological hammer mapping the local geology and sampling the soils and rocks at different localities;
  • Ground geophysical measurements.
  • Geochemical sampling.
  • Trenching and sampling.
  • Limited and detailed drilling and sampling.
  • Laboratory testing, and.
  • Possible test mining.

Mining support services range from preparation of feasibility reports and Mining License (ML) application and compliance support services, support in the infrastructure planning, design, construction, production, closure, decommissioning and aftercare support services. Holding a mineral license (Exclusive Prospecting Licences – EPLs or Mining Licenses-MLs) in Namibia requires the licenses holder to meet all the regulatory requirements as prescribed in the Minerals Act administered by the Ministry of Mines and Energy. Such mineral exploration and mining requirements include submission of quarterly and exploration reports, renewal application as well as meeting the requirements of other laws effecting mineral exploration and mining including environmental, water, health and safety.

In summary the following are some of the services that RBS provides with respect to mineral tenement management services:

  • Providing a comprehensive monitoring service, giving appropriate and timely notification of actions required.
  • Providing factual appraisals of status of minerals titles held, or other tenements of interest.
  • Conducting searches to identify land descriptions and property owners.
  • Preparation and lodgement of quarterly reports as required by the Minerals Act.
  • Completion and timely lodgement of all the prescribed tenement forms fees and reports.
  • Prepares mineral licence renewals and lodgement.
  • Provide local knowledge-based and technical advice of the various laws and their technical interpretation.
  • Prepares annual, relinquishment and final rehabilitation reports, including lodgement.
  • Troubleshooting, remedial advice and action with respect to landowner/Government dispute resolution.
  • Air charter service provides for fixed wing and helicopter charters through our Namibian owned company.  
  • VISAS, permits, transfers, accommodation for executive and management.
  • RBS exclusive high-end Mercedes-Benzes luxury clients transfer support for executive and management.    
  • HSE Monitoring Close-Out Report.
  • Provide knowledge-based technical advice of the various laws and their technical interpretation including relinquishment, reporting and lodgements
  • In-country office support, international project consulting, management and logistic services as may be required by the client.
  • Medical and Insurance support through our partners.