Petroleum (Oil & Gas)

Petroleum (Oil & Gas)

Upstream Support

The upstream cover technical and logistical exploration and production support services for 2D and 3D seismic surveys and drilling operations as well as other technical, environmental compliances and tenement management services related to the petroleum licenses and production infrastructure development process. RBS and Foresight Group Namibia as well as the associated companies are capable of providing the following services to your ongoing petroleum exploration activities in Namibia:

Environmental Assessment and Clearance Requirements – Undertake and preparation the Scoping / Baseline Report (Phase 1), Environmental Impact Assessment – EIA (Phase 2) and Environmental Management Plan – EMP (Phase 3);

Oil Spill Response Plan (OSRP) – Preparation of the OSRP based on the results of the oil dispersion modelling, undertaken and organisation, coordination and management of the related support;

Emergency Response Plan (ERP) – Preparation organisation, coordination and management of the related support services based on the project requirements (Head Office, Operations and Support Bases and Rig locations);

Waste Management Plan – Preparation organisation, coordination and management of the related support on logistic, disposal requirements and monitoring throughout the drilling programme;

Environmental Monitoring, Awareness and Training of Stakeholders and Crew through the implementation of the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) and related support including preparation of the Environmental Closure Report.

Inter Ministerial / Government Linkage – Professional ground linkage to various key Government Ministries, Departments and Parastatals (Government owned Companies such as NamPort and Namcor) throughout the project preparation up to drilling completion, discovery and production

Downstream Support

The downstream support services range from petroleum trading, logistics, compliance support services, construction, production, closure, decommissioning and aftercare support services associated with all form of downstream petroleum infrastructures such as pipeline, refineries, strategic storage facilities, depot and service stations.

and Petroleum Block Tenement Management Services

Holding of a Petroleum Block in Namibia requires the licenses holder to meet all the regulatory requirements as prescribed in the Petroleum Act and related amendments administered by the Ministry of Mines and Energy. Such petroleum exploration and production requirements includes all the condition signed under the Model Petroleum Agreement (MPA), submission of exploration reports, renewal application as well as meeting the requirements of other national regional and international laws, regulations and treaties linked to petroleum exploration and production including environmental management, pollution prevention (P2) water, marine, health and safety. In summary the following are some of the services that Risk-Based Solutions (RBS) providewith respect to Logistics and petroleum blocks tenement management services:

  • Providing a comprehensive monitoring service, giving appropriate and timely notification of actions required;
  • Conducting searches to identify land descriptions and property owners for onshore operations;
  • Facilitation of the petroleum licence renewals and lodgement support;
  • Provide knowledgeable and technical advice of the various acts and their technical interpretation;
  • General petroleum exploration and production property management including the application for other required petroleum license conditions such as environmental obligations;
  • Assist with annual relinquishment and reports compilation and lodgement;
  • Liaison with various government departments on behalf of the clients as required;
  • Troubleshooting, remedial advice and action with respect tolandowner/Government dispute resolution;
  • Cartographic and geological drafting;
  • International projects consulting, management and logistic services as may be required by the client;
  • Professional ground linkage to various other local service providers that are in line with our core services including:
  • Fuel bunkering;
  • Insurance;
  • Aircraft and helicopter support;
  • VISAS, Permits, transfers, accommodation for the support base with respect to the drilling crew.