Namiyundu Primary School
RBS Focused Corporate Social Investment Programme (CSIP)

Our Corporate Social Investment is focused on supporting local communities in line with the central, regional, and local government and traditional authorities short and long-term developmental programmes especially in education, rural water supply, and health as well as social related programme.

In line with our Corporate Social Investment Programme (CSIP), RBS is focused at supporting Namiyundu Primary School. Dr Sindila Mwiya, Founder / Member of RBS has accepted patronship for Namiyundu Primary School. The following is current status of the school:

  • Enrolment of 120 Leaners
  • Eight (8) teaching and two (2) supporting staff members
  • Teaching blocks comprising one (1) permanent and two (2) traditional mud structures without windows
  • School feeding programme kitchen made of a mud hut
  • Staff accommodation comprise traditional mud huts
  • School perimeter is not fenced and has electricity connection to the national grid   

The following is the summary key project that the Patron, teachers, School board member and local community of Namiyundu area are working on and any support is most welcome:

  • School fencing
  • class rooms and staff accommodation
  • school garden project items
  • school uniform and shoes
  • girlchild support
  • boat to support leaners during the floods (Feb-June, and overall teaching materials support     


For your project contribution and support, please contact the school patron:

Dr Sindila Mwiya