Risk-Based Solutions (RBS) CC, is the consulting arm of Foresight Group Namibia (FGN) (PTY) LTD. Both RBS and FGN are Namibian local owned companies established with the objective to meet the demand and for the promotion of Local Knowledge-Based Solutions (LKBS) in the following investments and consultancy portfolios of our specialisation:

Our mission is to provide efficient and reliable services of excellence in all the areas of our specialisations. We are geared to providing Knowledge-Based Solutions (KBS) in the areas of our specialisation from concept planning through to completion, operation, monitoring and aftercare services, with a highly skilled professional team working together, using cutting edge research, local knowledge, common sense and practical experiences.

All our investment and consulting services are objectives goal driven and tailored to our client-specific programmes, plans, projects and operational needs and targets. We are geared to working with our clients, essentially functioning as an extension of their staff, while providing quality services and access to a wide range of specialist knowledge and expertise within and though our network of associations with various, diverse and multidisciplinary companies and individuals within the Foresight Group of companies.

Risk-Based Solutions recognises the value our clients derive from our specialised services that reduce long-term liabilities by incorporating targeted and integrated sustainable solutions and management principles at planning phases of specific project, plans and programmes. As a local company, we understand the emphasis our clients place on keeping their plans, projects and operations in regulatory compliance while maximising returns and minimising liabilities.



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